Backgammon: Meaty version of one of the world's oldest board games

For her Backgammon redesign, Maria Tiurina chose to take things quite literally with one of the world's oldest board games. Picking out the word "gammon" as inspiration, the London-based illustrator used clay to sculpt meat-themed checkers, which were then painted with acrylics, dried and varnished.

She also created different cuts of pork out of clay, following the same process, and glued them onto the surface of the Backgammon case, a set that she purchased from Jacques London to repurpose. Different varnishes were used to achieve both a wet and dry meat look.

You might be interested to know that the initial layout and colour scheme was designed in Photoshop. "The setup remained the same except the colours of the meats surrounding the leg of pork," says Maria. "The painting process was rather entertaining as it made my desk look like a butcher's workspace."

If you love Maria's take on Backgammon, you can discover more of her arts and crafts at Or you can follow her work on Behance.


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