Grant Gasser explores the concept of vanity as 'less about narcissism and more about ephemerality'

Hailing all the way from Nashville, Grant Gasser works across art, design, film and photography.

His latest project, Hebel, explores the concept of Solipsism through a printed zine and accompanying exhibition. The project is a thematic progression from his Everyone is So Near zine, published in October 2018, yet Hebel "provides a more hopeful and accepting outlook," he says. "While Everyone is So Near comes from and overwhelmed and gasping place, Hebel provides a newfound absurdist peace and tranquillity."

He adds: "With this project, I wanted to explore the idea of vanity and the many ways it is defined and approached."

Hebel is the Hebrew word for vanity and directly translates to "mere breath" or "vapour".

"With this perspective, vanity becomes less about narcissism and more about ephemerality," says Gasser. "My goal is to visually interpret the conflict between making our time on this earth meaningful and realising that in retrospect our existence is temporary a 'mere breath'. Given that, I hope to suggest implications of peaceful existence and liberated enjoyment, implications that I believe to be equally possible in this philosophy."

The publications were three-colour risograph printed, hand cut and hand bound with a limited run of 15, showcasing mostly pastel drawings accompanied by distorted images and forms; while the accompanying wall art uses a combination of limited-run three-colour risograph prints and wheat pasted photo prints on canvas.


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