Marina Esmeraldo's murals and wooden sculptures made from a 'snake eats its tail' process

These colourful murals, paintings and wooden sculptures by multidisciplinary artist Marina Esmeraldo are based on memories of her travels and follow what she describes as a "snake eats its tail" process.

All images courtesy of the artist. Photography by Teresa Marinh

That basically means there are different stages to her work – each one informing the next. She begins with small flat paintings, which inspire paper constructions, which in turn lead to both her wooden sculptures and their flat relief versions. "In the wooden sculptures, there is a specific logic for each angle, joint and negative space, a direct result from the experimental paper constructions," Marina explains.

Currently on show at The While Wall gallery in Barcelona, Genius Loci – which in Latin means "the spirit of places" – captures the Brazilian's wanderlust, a recurring theme in her work.

"Through the abstract interpretation of the places of my memories, I created an installation combining mural painting and relief works, as well as a collection of wooden sculptures," Marina explains. "The result is a celebration of the merging of my present as an artist with my past as an architect, and my passion for the built space."

You can discover more about the Brazilian artist at


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