Ben Peeters wants to use his art to force the viewer to create their own imaginative associations

Cute, colourful and multi-layered, the work of Ben Peeters is both immediate and beguiling.

Based in Hasselt, Belgium, Peeters' work combines elements of sculpture and painting, and he works across both media as well as large-scale mural projects.

The artist says his work draws on elements of minimalism, as well as being inspired by "elements found in nature", from which he extracts and simplifies organic forms to create new colourful geometric shapes packed with refined details. The idea of such simplification is to take forms down to their purest essence, forcing the viewer to create their own associations on looking at it.

His playful work aims to "trigger the imagination of the viewer" through recurring motifs of freedom and birds. According to the artist, at the crux of his practice is an exploration of the "boundaries between fiction and reality", evoking a "personal and imaginary world, where organic structures, landscapes, elements of plant life and abstract vivid colourful shapes meet and create a curious mixture of movement and contrast.


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