Clout rebrands dance charity as Impelo, expressing the joy of movement

Over 40 years ago, a charity was launched in Wales to bring the joy of dance to people of all ages and social backgrounds.

Previously called Powys Dance, the organisation recently evaluated its long-term strategy and introduced an ambitious plan for growth. It called upon Clout Branding in Cardiff to develop a new identity that would align more closely to its new purpose and give it the tools it needs to manage the brand in future.

Renaming the charity Impelo, Clout crafted a striking new look, one that helps to position its brand "beyond conventional perceptions of dance participation and towards one that empowers curiosity, ambition and lifelong learning".

Centred around a disruptive graphic style and tone of voice, it aims to allow the charity to be more active with its messaging and engage with more people. A bright and bold brand refresh.


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