Graffiti Life and Poppy’s Papercuts create London’s largest ever papercut to encourage volunteering

To get across the joys of volunteering, hand-painted mural artists, Graffiti Life, have collaborated with papercut artist, Poppy Chancellor, to create London’s largest ever paper cut. They've transformed a brand new design by Poppy, into a five-metre mural in Ebor Street, Shoreditch, depicting how volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience that can strengthen relationships in the community.

With a bold style, full of positivity, fun and love, Poppy’s mural shows a group of women giving each other piggybacks with the slogan "Do It For Others" – a simple but empowering message that resonates with the tone of Poppy’s previous designs. She explains: "I wanted to show volunteering as people having fun while supporting each other. Graffiti Life couldn’t agree more which is why this collaboration fitted so well."

The campaign has received support from NCVO, an organisation who champion volunteering and the positive impact it has on society. NCVO makes finding information about volunteering easy and connects people to local organisations with available positions. To find a position that interests you head to

Graffiti Life's Kayleigh Dyer is the person who brought the project to life. She said: "A lot of people might feel that they don’t have the time to volunteer, however even if you give your time once a month or once in six months that’s still a huge help to an organisation. I think if everyone volunteered even a little part of their time it would really improve society as a whole, that’s why I’m so passionate about it."

To see the mural for yourself head over to Ebor Street in Shoreditch where you can find it opposite Shoreditch House. It'll be on display until Sunday 19 August. Meanwhile, watch the video below to see the mural come to life.


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