Wood-burned paintings by Jenny Germann that capture daily life around the world

You can take your watercolours, your oils and acrylics, I'm now hooked on the painting technique of wood-burning. That's the process American artist Jenny Germann applies to her artworks, using a blend of pyrography (wood-burning) and paint locations that hold significance in her life. She uses landscapes to convey experiences, often drawing influence from her travels and daily observations.

"Pyrography lends a controlled and physically satisfying aspect to the work," she explains, "whereas the painting is experimental and evocative." She mixes the mediums as a way to communicate her perspective, using making as a form of introspection, observation, and personal expression.

Jenny’s work is currently available at Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Exhibit B Gallery in Souderton. Born in Kansas, Jenny lives and works in Lancaster, PA. She earned her BFA from the University of Kansas and is getting her MS from Eastern University. She is married to furniture designer and cabinetmaker Evan Germann.


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