Going Down: Intimate photography series captures private moments on a public escalator

In cities, there is rarely space for contemplation. An assault on the senses, we are bombarded with sights, sounds and hustle and bustle. However, there is one place where time seems to stop for a moment. The Escalator.

In this voyeuristic photography series by David Katzenstein, the subjects are captured on a busy set of escalators in a New York City shopping mall. From a particular heightened vantage point, David was able to localise individuals or groups of people as they made their descent, creating what seems like ‘film stills’ - reflective moments captured in time and space. Each image has a story behind it for the viewer to fill in the blanks.

David explains: "This project was special for me because I discovered the scene and vantage point while on my way to do another assignment, and once I began to photograph I was struck by the variety of oncoming visual stories that came into frame as people descended on the escalator down to a store below."

This series is part of a wider collection entitled The Urban Landscape – see more here.

All images courtesy of David Katzenstein


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