Glorious illustrations by Ana Jaks are guaranteed to put a smile on your face

If you're becoming increasingly disappointed with the view outside your window thanks to the changing seasons, then Ana Jaks' illustrations will provide a ray of sunshine to brighten up your day.

After studying illustration at Falmouth University and graduating in 2015, the Isle of Man-born artist pursued a career in design full time. "I absolutely adore anything with bright, bold colours and patterns – I'm also a huge lover of shapes. A lot of my inspiration comes from people in general and fashion.

"I love people watching, seeing what they're wearing, how garments move on their bodies, the shapes of their bodies - ALL OF IT - the female form being my favourite to draw."

Ana's clients include the likes of FT Magazine, VICE, The Telegraph and Le Trident Cherbourg, which favour her bold, creative style. Discover more at She's also got a pretty awesome Instagram account.


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