Ultra-slow motion photography captures the anatomy of high-speed dance

For anyone that's studied dance at any level, this photography series will conjure memories of aching limbs and bandaged feet. For all the beauty of the final moves, a whole lot of work has gone into creating such stunning, physical art.

Leading Australian dancers across ballet, contemporary and break dance have collaborated in this project, extension, which was inspired by one simple idea – to showcase moment-in-time dance like never before.

The result is a visual feast of movement and light, which captures dance in ultra-slow motion, ultra-high-definition video. Conceptualising and bringing the project to fruition was Photographer, Niv Novak.

"The decisive moment of a dance ‘extension’ is a wondrous sight but it's over in an instant," said Novak, "what if this instant in time could be extended or elongated? An extension was born of this idea."

We've included some stills below, plus one of the video clips. See more at nivnovak.com or follow him on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Niv Novak


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