Paperwhite-Studio's brand refresh for Gene & Georgetti, a famous steakhouse in Chicago

Brooklyn-based Paperwhite-Studio has given a new lease of life to Gene & Georgetti, a traditional steakhouse in Chicago that has welcomed Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball during its 80 years of business.

To build on its success and reputation, it challenged Paperwhite-Studio to refresh its brand to "honour the steakhouse's past and its seasoned regulars while attracting younger generations".

Founded in 1941, the classic old-time Chicago eatery is family-owned and boasts a wealth of regular customers, some going back more than 50 years. "We were inspired by the rich history of the restaurant and worked with the family to revive the brand by updating vintage graphic elements pairing them with modern, customised typography and illustrations," says the Studio.

Based in New York and Austria, Paperwhite-Studio specialises in branding for food and drink products, plus bars and restaurants. Other recent work includes an identity for Sweetfin and By CHLOE.


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