An anime-inspired campaign for Wagamama by Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios

MullenLowe has collaborated with Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios to create an anime-inspired campaign for one of the UK's favourite restaurant chains, Wagamama.

Called Bowl to Soul, it's based on the brand's association with Japanese food and its founding philosophy that food doesn't just feed our belly, it "nourishes our soul". The ad illustrates this by showing the restorative sensation of eating Wagamama food.

After tasting her first bite, the ad's protagonist tumbles into a magical land filled with flowing rivers of ramen, undulating coriander fields and exploding fireworks of spice. That doesn't sound half bad. And it's a smart way to appeal to those of us who haven't yet enjoyed the, "Your food will come out when it's ready" and communal dining charm.

Created through a combination of hand-drawn and computer illustrated artwork, the film brings together a broad range of modern, diverse references and characters, with each frame existing as a unique illustration inspired by anime art.

MullenLowe also worked with the music supervisor (Thirty Two Music) and the artist Invisible Minds to create a bespoke version of the track, recording new instruments and creating detailed arrangements to fit films.

Mads Broni, Director at Passion Animation Pictures, said: "I've loved the challenge of using anime, a style associated with Asian environments, to show life in London. It's been enjoyable to express my love of the style, respecting the tradition of anime animation and making it feel current, relevant and adventurous."


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