Evening with Hopper: Intriguing oil paintings of Edward Hopper artworks on display in buildings at night

You know when you're wandering down a street at night, and you can't help but peek inside brightly-lit buildings, just to see what's happening inside? This is exactly what Toronto artist Peter Harris wants you to feel when you consider his intriguing series of oil paintings, Evening with Hopper.

However, there's a twist. He carefully places reconstructed artworks by Edward Hopper inside each building that he paints – as though you're stood on the pavement outside, spotting them from the street. Sometimes, his works include paintings from other famous artists.

"As a landscape painter, I strive to create images that connect viewers to their immediate surroundings," explains Peter. "While my work is situated in the present, it often invokes artists from the past whose paintings linger in our collection memory and influence how we think about landscape. Edward Hopper and Lawren Harris are two such artists whose iconic imagery still resonates, and whose reputation casts a long shadow over all the artists working within the genre."

Evening with Hopper comprises 12 oil on canvas paintings that place the works of well-known painters such as Edward Hopper into crisp, modern, architectural settings. Peter adds: "I hope to create a new context to evaluate his iconic paintings, and start a discussion on the continuing power and relevance of urban painting to a contemporary audience."

Evening with Hopper will go on display at the Mira Godard Gallery, 22 Hazelton Ave, Toronto from 29 April until 27 May 2017. Find out more at www.godardgallery.com.


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