Here and Now: Colourful London street portraits by Niall McDiarmid

For more than six years, Scottish photographer Niall McDiarmid has been documenting the people he meets around London.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Niall McDiarmid

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Niall McDiarmid

And now his works are to go on display as part of the Museum of London's City Now City Future, where a striking outdoor display will showcase his vivid street portraits in an exploration of colour, frequently combining or contrasting the subject's clothes with their surroundings.

Niall rarely photographs people more than a few yards from where they first meet and, by recording the date and place of each brief encounter, he has constructed a collective identity of London today. He remarks: "Individually these photos represent the moment that we crossed paths, but collectively they represent my portrait of London – a confident city, a city of the future, a city I call home."

Niall’s first book, Crossing Paths, A Portrait of Britain, was published in 2013. A second book, Via Vauxhall, followed in 2015. You can see his works as part of City Now City Future, which runs from May 2017 – April 2018 and is made up of over a hundred events, exhibitions, creative commissions, talks and debates that explore the joys, frustrations and evolution of global cities and our lives within them. More events and activities will be announced over the coming months.


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