Flower Figures: Artist digitally crafts sculptures of women from a single dried bloom

In his incredible series Flower Figures, Jean-Michel Bihorel takes one photograph of a bunch of dried hydrangea blossom (scroll right to the bottom) and then uses his imagination, along with some handy 3D modelling software, to craft these elegant sculptures of women.

The dried flowers have been meticulously layered and multiplied over a framework of a female body so perfectly that it is impossible to tell whether the final pieces are indeed real. Using a mix of 3D scanning and tools such as Houdini, Maya and Redshift – Jean-Michel depicts the female form in various poses – from sitting and kneeling to dancing. A nice touch is the addition of single hydrangea petals that lie close to each figure, as though they have fallen from her frame.

The Parisian digital artist is co-founder of Creative Seeds, a training school dedicated to animation in France, as well as CG Supervisor at Mécanique Générale, a 3D print and animation film production company. A graduate of ESRA-Bretagne, Jean-Michel specialises in shading, lighting and rendering but he's also got bags of experience in everything from texturing and modelling to FX. Discover more at jmbihorel.myportfolio.com.

Via Behance


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