Felt Faces: Artist Becky Margraf crafts 100 little faces for 100 consecutive days

For the 2016 round of The 100 Day Project, San Francisco-based artist Becky Margraf has decided to hand-sew 100 little felt faces over 100 consecutive days, taking inspiration from anything and everything including tasty sushi and pin cushions to popcorn and retro computer games.

Her cute and quirky collection follows on from a successful Felt Beasts challenge last year, when she created 100 felt creatures of various themes – some of which you could purchase via her Etsy shop.

Every day, she is sharing her inventive creations on Instagram and each one shows the extent of her creativity and imagination. She is down to the last few, so be sure to follow 100 Felt Faces online.

Via Etsy and Dribble | All images courtesy of Becky Margraf