Neon Portraits: Anonymous nude selfies transformed into neon sculptures

In her illuminating series Neon Portraits, Leeds-based artist Romily Alice Walden takes anonymously donated nude selfies and transforms them into neon sculptures. The portraits attempt to reframe the pin-up for a female gaze by depicting women’s bodies in their natural and unedited state.

"In a mainstream culture that is obsessed with a singular beauty ideal – one that is often photoshopped into fantasy land – the Neon Portraits project aims to normalise and celebrate the diversity of the female form," Romily explains.

Recently exhibited at Lights of Soho London and the Affordable Art Fair, the project is ongoing as the artist seeks to further explore the potential for expanding our notions of beauty in the post-Internet age. Romily is open to submissions from anyone that identifies as female. Discover more at

Born in London, Romily currently works from her neon studio in Leeds whilst studying at Leeds College of Art. In May 2016 Romily was named the recipient of the Jameson Works Bursary.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Romily Alice


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