Woven Paintings: Artist creates abstract art by spinning, dyeing & weaving her canvases

If you're looking for a little extra inspiration this morning, then Victoria Manganiello's incredible abstract paintings won't disappoint. Created by spinning, dyeing and weaving her canvases, the Brooklyn-based designer and textile consultant uses materials like synthetic and natural, self-mixed dyes, cotton and silk to craft her unique artworks.

Describing her process, Victoria said: "The woven structure is a powerful representation of strength and weakness. I create my own canvases to produce paintings that illustrate the possibilities of working in multiple dimensions by adding depth and texture to the spatial aspects of the piece as well as the dimension of time.

"We function within society rigidly adhering to the assumed understanding of the concept of time. It is in every way that matters linear; simply stated, one thing happens before the next and after the previous. The heart beats. It follows the beat that preceded it and is, hopefully, followed by another. From the unconscious functioning of our organs to the sharing of our lives with family and friends, we draw lines to connect our experiences together, marking moments as we move.

"The act of weaving is linear also; however, I deviate from that prescribed path, utilising colour, tension, and density to take timelines off the straight and into the abstract path, curved by the forces of mass and gravity I am guided."

Victoria's artwork often focuses around the mysterious and inspiring results of collaboration between persons and materials. She explores themes of time, space and history with abstract imagery. Created on a loom, every millimetre of the material used to form these paintings has passed through her fingers. Each mark is carefully considered, yet motivated by intuition.

Make sure you watch the video below to see Victoria at work. You can also see more of her work at www.victoriamanganiello.com.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Victoria Manganiello