Creative knitting enthusiasts craft intricate everyday items from wool

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

Self-styled yarn junkies Barbara Lohnen and Marieke Voorsluijs pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of wool by knitting the bizarre and unexpected.

Founders of the Amsterdam-based textiles label Club Geluk, they are known for their unusual knitting initiatives, from ‘Darn! Men with Yarn’ – their annual pin up calendar featuring half naked men adorned with strange knits – to their recent headline-grabbing ‘I Knit My Son’ experiment.

The talented duo’s true expertise lies in knitting the impossible, and they boast a large portfolio of intricate and realistic everyday objects that have been expertly crafted out of wool.

As these images show, they can turn their hands to almost anything — from flowing champagne, delicate tea sets and a smoking cigarette, to fashion accessories and even technology. Impressive craftsmanship and wonderful bright colours make these charming objects really pop, and their work has been used for artworks, advertising and books.