Beautiful human sculptures crafted using traditional and digital methods by Ted Lawson

Using figurative representation and playful geometric abstraction, Brooklyn-based artist Ted Lawson is someone who loves to combine digital technology – such as 3D printing – with traditional art methods to create organic fine art as well as large-scale sculptures that explore humanity.

After making quite a name for himself in 2014 through his Ghost In The Machine project, where he created a series of drawings using his own blood fed into a modified CNC machine – today, he's making waves with his sculptural work that focuses on form and figure to uncover the role art and technology play in our classification and understanding of the human condition.

Amongst the many examples of his work on display here, you'll notice levitating, nude sculptures of women – some covered in dripping black or even pink crude oil, as part of his recent Crude series. The life-size artworks are evocative and bring forth feelings of death, darkness and sexuality.

In an interview with Beautiful Savage he explained: "Crude is about creating my own visual language. In the process of making things, you end up with a lot of “throwaway” pieces. You make accidents, and there are unrefined objects. Crude is about adding those elements back in, distilling them into a central source, and recreating them."

Lawson also owns Prototype New York, an art fabrication studio, which has created works for Ghada Amer, Mariko Mori, Jeff Koons, Terence Koh and Yoko Ono. In 2011, he started a large-scale sculpture commissioned by Napster and Facebook founder Sean Parker. The piece was finished and installed in Parker's home in 2014.


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