Stunning yet unexpected minimalist photographs of Tuscany by Frederik Vercruysse

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Frederik Vercruysse and Gallery Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp

Belgium photographer Frederik Vercruysse has a signature style that is instantly recognisable, producing fresh and graphic images that are minimalist yet pure, and almost always bathed in a soft light. With an eye for detail and a well-defined sense of aesthetics, he is an expert in creating compositions, regardless of whether he is photographing architecture, an interior or still life.

Vercruysse is now launching a new exhibition entitled Tempo Polveroso, which will present a series of photographs that came to life during an ‘artist in residency’ project in Villa Lena, Tuscany. Gallery Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp will open its doors to the public for this exhibition from today until Saturday 30 May 2015.

Exhibition statement: "His photographs of marble quarries evoke a sense of beauty, while concurrently imbued with a melancholy sprit; the creation of beauty at the expense of nature. Without the inclusion of any human figures, it is impossible to fathom the larger-than-life scale of this totally unique form of landscape architecture. This has produced some abstract and picturesque images.

"Vercruysse retained this approach in his photographs of the surrounding countryside. The tangle of plants resembles the scribbling of a ballpoint pen, the condensation on the window pane transforms the sunset into an abstraction, while the hail creates an illusion resembling that of a pointillist painting. With this layered approach, reality is detached from its context, creating a poetic image."