Posters by designer Antoney Calvert that celebrate our shared humanity during turbulent times

As we come to terms with everything that has happened in the world this year, Manchester-based designer Antoney Calvert has created a series of posters that hope to bring us closer together and "reset our collective conscious compass".

With messages such as "Learn to love" and "Come together", the minimalist graphic artworks are full of vintage colour and nostalgic themes. Antoney, who runs the creative studio, Colourform says these posters are "a celebration of our shared humanity and the fact that we are all capable of finding common ground between each other and living a better way."

"It has been a year of massive upheaval and change," he continues. "The pandemic, has ironically, brought us closer together and reset our collective conscious compass. Greater environmental awareness, demands for a fairer society and the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope my posters spread some love and positivity during these crazy days."

You can download these posters for free, but hurry – they're only free for a limited time. An online shop is in the pipeline, so watch this space for further updates.


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