Clément Le Tulle-Neyret's impactful, simple Ethics for Design identity

Clément Le Tulle-Neyret is a Lyon-based graphic designer and art director who describes his practice as “essentially based on the use of typographic characters as vectors of historical, formal, conceptual information.” He specialises designing of printed matter including books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, newspapers, posters and album covers, but also works across all platforms on some beautiful identity work.

A recent project that saw him depart from his beloved print is his visual identity and online work for the documentary Ethics for Design, created and produced by Gauthier Roussilhe. The film shows 12 designers and researchers from eight different European cities discussing “the impact, sometimes harmful, of design on our societies and paths to take for the designer to work for the good of all,” says Le Tulle-Neyret. 

The designer’s work is bold, impactful, and emphatically typographic, using a colour palette of red, white and black for the most part. It feels fittingly “design for designers” in its aesthetic, prizing simplicity and clarity through the use of grids and sparse use of photography. The design itself ties in so beautifully with the content, and is a lesson in less is more.


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