Stella McCartney’s latest kids range profiles the ingenious illustrations of Stevie Gee

Blink Art’s distinctive and psychedelic illustrator, animation director and designer Stevie Gee has teamed up with iconic fashion designer Stella McCartney to create a set of illustrations for stackable gift boxes. Designed for the latest Stella Kids underwear range, the collection features an assembly of vegans, vagabonds and vampires, all in Stevie’s typical hallucinogenic and obscure creative style.

Following the success of this fun commission, Stevie went on to create a host of "fang-tastic" animations and in-store graphics for last year's "Stellaween". Featuring characters such as Bonesy, a skateboarding skeleton and Sparky – an electric demon. Not to mention Puss Puss, a frightening cat with fangs.

For over 15 years Stevie has created award-winning design and illustration for the music, fashion and art world, alongside projects as a director of music, skate and commercial videos, specialising predominantly in animation. For more information on Stevie Gee’s designs check out


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