Illustration series campaigns for women’s rights to land and resources

2018 proves to be the year to rectify ongoing issues within women’s equality in modern society. An animated campaign by Burness, alongside illustrations by Felipe Vargas and animation by Dirk Jan Haarsma, hopes to promote the campaign for women's rights specifically in land and resources.

The animation profiles the importance of women, signifying how empowered women change the world. The story also intelligently discusses the importance of how poverty reduction and an improvement in food security are more likely to occur when women have rights and status within their families and communities.

Starting with Women fundamentally works to empower females, ultimately promoting lasting economic growth, more resilient communities, and healthier societies.

Felipe Vargas’ emotive illustrations capture the story of Joy, a farmer from Uganda who unjustly lost her land after her husband's death. The bold and powerful imagery matches the resilient message behind the story. Discover more at Behance.


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