Templo crafts radical new identity for experimental business group

Based in the Fontainebleau forest just outside Paris, CEDEP is an education club with a difference. Set up by entrepreneurs and dedicated to executive education, the non-profit sets out to challenge conventions and uses experimental teaching methods.

However, this radical approach was not being reflected in its brand story and visual identity, which were getting old and tired. So branding and digital agency Templo were asked to reposition and rebrand the organisation accordingly.

"We wanted to express CEDEP's unorthodox approach to teaching business," says Templo co-founder and creative director Pali Palavathanan. "Think druid walks into the forest, building playgrounds for children with disabilities, and team-building exercises using straws and marshmallows.

"We created the visual identity to convey their rebellious, unconventional nature positioning CEDEP as a challenger brand and totally unlike a traditional stuffy business school."

Using workshops and a process of co-creation, the agency began by defining the brand idea that sits at the heart of everything CEDEP do and say: 'meeting of minds. They then created the CEDEP brand story and messaging for use across all channels, from print to digital and social media.

"The new logo is the sum of many parts working together," says Pali. "The dynamic sphere symbol is a nod to CEDEP's real-world relevance. The palette is made up of a vibrant and contemporary core brand blue, complemented by a secondary palette of more muted tones."

Meanwhile, the visual identity system is optimised for modern use – from large scale signage through to CEDEP's app and social media assets.

The brand is rolling out across advertising and on-campus in merchandise, print materials for the CEDEP hotel and restaurant, teaching spaces and alumni events, and an augmented reality app where the user can play with the visual identity elements and the brand story.


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