Capturing a more relaxed side to the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival

I'm a sucker for red carpet events. The glitz, the glamour. It's harmless, sheer indulgent fun – backed by a multi-billion pound entertainment industry that I've always admired. But with many photographer capturing the poised and the perfect, it's so refreshing to discover the work of Vincent Desailly, a French photographer based in Paris.

His take on the recent Cannes Film Festival was unexpected and honest, capturing the more human, relaxed side of the celebrities that attended the annual event. With a black and white focus, his snapshots from the evening reveal the hidden side to what happens when all the A-list celebrities grace the red carpet and pose for the wall of photographers, all fighting for their attention to get the best shot.

I'm talking everyone from the classic Hollywood goddess that is Charlize Theron right through to directing royalty in the manner of Woody Allen. Each and every shot reveals a sneak at the real people behind the hours of hair and makeup, and expensive, carefully chosen outfits.

Vincent is also co-founder, former head editor and photo editor of Snatch Magazine, a monthly French magazine about culture, society and fashion. You can discover more of his photography work at Or follow him on Tumblr or Instagram.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Vincent Desailly


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