Buzzing at the Sill: exposing the underbelly of America's conflicts

While the world's eyes are on the White House at the moment, it's important to remember that racial and class conflicts in America didn't begin with Donald Trump. And so award-winning photographer Peter Van Agtmael's new book, Buzzing at the Sill, is a timely one.

Via direct submission, all images courtesy of the artist

Via direct submission, all images courtesy of the artist

It looks at the United States from 2009-2016, moving unsentimentally, and sometimes surreally, through images of race, class, war, place, torture, nationalism, family, and memory. Unlike many a photobook, there is also some detailed text to put the pictures into cultural and political context.

"With the widespread uncertainty and fear over the increasingly exposed divisions in the United States, I hope this work can give perspective on the rarely seen corners of this dense, complex, and troubled nation," Van Agtmael says.

"Moving through the vastness of America these past years has been deeply transformative, exposing me to tremendous beauty and generosity as well as staggering contradictions and fearfulness. I hope this work resonates with you as it has with me."


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