Mr.M ideas studio's varied and clean approach to graphics across scholarly and arts clients

It’s been two years in the making, but finally creative director and founder of Mr.M ideas studio Matt Maurer is ready to show off his agency’s portfolio, and it’s worth the wait. Maurer founded his almost eponymous studio having spent more than a decade honing his craft at agencies True North and Music, and now works with a range of clients from a fabric company to University of London to Heart & Sold, “an organisation that supports and promotes artists that happen to have Down’s syndrome.”

Maurer explains: “Heart & Sold has a clear message that the artists’ work should be judged on merit and not on a condition. I’ve been involved with the organisation from the very beginning, creating and developing a brand that helps raise awareness, generates funds and supports the artists and their families.” The identity is based around a clever hook device that both subtly references the heart of the name, and the idea of hanging art. A red and gold colour palette is eye catching and bold, also giving a sense of pride and heritage.

In the agency’s work for University of London’s Shakespeare: Metamorphosis Exhibition at Senate House Library, it was tasked with creating the branding, print and exhibition design for the show. The route chosen was inspired by the “seven ages of man” soliloquy in As You Like It, and aims to reflect the exhibition’s reflections on “the metamorphosis that Shakespearean scholarships and texts, as well as perceptions of the man himself  have undergone” in the past 400 years.


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