TEN: Celebrating a decade of Andrew Salgado's abstract & symbolic figurative paintings

Andrew Salgado's first monograph, TEN, is a hardcover fine-art book detailing 10 years of his work. With 280 full-colour pages, a special introduction and a compilation of intriguing essays, the publication includes over 100 reproductions of the celebrated Canadian's paintings.

Considered to be one of Canada's most promising young artists, Salgado's bold, large scale figurative paintings have garnered him a reputation as "one to watch". His work weaves between figuration and abstraction with bold, gestural brushwork and obsessive mark-making, incorporating collage, mixed-media, and – in his most recent works – hand-stitched linen and canvas.

The book covers much of his work, and coincides with a new exhibition at the Canadian High Commission at London's Trafalgar Square. Curated by David Liss, the show entitled TEN celebrates Salgado's career thus far. You can see the show until 28 February.

Born in the western prairie province of Saskatchewan in 1982, Salgado received a Bachelor degree at the University of British Columbia (2005) and a Masters degree at Chelsea College of Art (2009). He has exhibited around the world, his most recent – The Snake at Beers London gallery, marks his 11th consecutive sell-out show. Discover more at www.andrewsalgado.com.

All images courtesy of Damian Griffiths


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