Brits Abroad: Photographer captures sun-seeking holidaymakers in Benidorm

All images courtesy of Garrod Kirkwood. Via direct submission to Creative Boom.

"Back in July, I visited the infamous holiday resort of Benidorm – the jewel of the Costa Blanca", opens photographer Garrod Kirkwood's artist's statement.

"Dripping in 1970s holiday nostalgia, it was the ideal platform to form a personal documentary project. I spent five days capturing the people and places, sun-drenched and bursting with colour. It almost felt like I'd stepped into an old family photo album and I wanted to capture that.

"Despite its rather tacky reputation, I found the place to be a lot of fun", explains the London-based advertising photographer, who has worked in the industry for over 10 years.

"Over the years, visual storytelling has led me to some fantastic places, working with great people. From photographing Samuel L. Jackson in the California desert to putting a car in a back-yard swimming pool, every day is different and presents new challenges. In my opinion, it’s the most rewarding career in the world."

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