Praline's gorgeous graphic design explores tricky concepts of scale

Ok, it's not fair to have favourites, but we've long had a soft spot for London-based agency Praline, and its latest project The Scale of Things has done little to dissuade our love.

The book was written by Mike Fairbrass and Praline founder and creative director David Tanguy and explores the concept of scale through smart, bold design and a hell of a lot of bonkers facts. The aim, according to the studio, is to render "the unimaginable imaginable." Through clever, witty, and crystal clear illustrations, we can suddenly get our head around the fact that the Sun is 93,000,000 miles from Earth. How? "If we use scale, the Sun becomes a grapefruit, the Earth a grain of sand and the distance between the two a London bus – suddenly, it fits in your head," Praline explains.

Alongside illustrations and neat, sweet sans serif type that boldly sprawls across the pages, the book also uses information graphics to drive the concept forward. The book's a joyful, beautiful thing, and one with serious messages about economics, politics, geography, technology, power and consumption underneath it all.

And where else would you truly be able to comprehend such an array of sizes as "the deepest ocean trench to a T. Rex’s shoe size"?


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