Bright, bold and crazy digital pop art by Kota Yamaji with Tokyo influences

Japanese artist Kota Yamaji has recently created this pop art series of 3D digital illustrations, exposing a serious love of bright and bold colour, an active imagination and a huge influence from the neon lights of Tokyo where he is based.

With faces transformed into cubes, lemons and limes, trees and even globes – there's a crazy, surreal quality to his images with his subjects often portrayed as dummies instead of humans. Polka dots seem to be a running theme, and Japanese culture is rife throughout. False teeth, leaf-wrapped treats and unusual outfits add to the madness. It's a series that will please any digital artist looking for unique inspiration.

The work follows Kota's recent mind-bending, trip-induced music video for tilt-six's latest track, where you can expect flowers exploding from eyelids, naked bald women rolling around in flower beds, and various other acid visuals. Discover more at