XYZ Type, a new type foundry with a playful website

XYZ Type is a new independent type foundry, launched by typeface designers Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan who wanted to share and sell their own fonts directly to the industry.

All images courtesy of XYZ Type

All images courtesy of XYZ Type

Available for desktop, web and app use, there are also free trial versions available for immediate download, so you can test them out in client pitches and student projects. Initially up for grabs are two new type families, Aglet Slab and Export, as well as a previously released Cortado.

Ben and Jesse have worked independently for years on retail typefaces and custom commissions, and on freelance projects for other type foundries. They thought it was about time they established their own venture, bringing together their many skills and years of experience.

XYZ Type's name implies the "thorough and meticulous attention to every detail in a typeface". When you first land on the foundry, you're greeted with a playful, interactive home page, immediately showcasing the different types of fonts available. Check it out at


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