Classic book and album covers brought to life in gorgeous, hypnotic animations

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see what some of our favourite vintage book and album covers look like in motion? Well, wonder no more, as Henning M. Lederer has animated some absolute classic graphics for your viewing pleasure.

Called Books & Sleeves, the project is something the German freelance designer and motion graphics artist began in 2015. "As a graphic designer, I was of course fascinated by the design itself, the use of colours, shapes and typography. But as I am mainly working as a motion designer, the next question came up to my head immediately, how would these great book graphics from the past look like when they are set in motion?"

Henning has animated more than 200 book covers, so far. And his latest video introduces some of the "intriguing record sleeves out there", too. He adds: "It's an ongoing experiment as I always discover new vintage graphics that might work well in motion."

Most of the album covers are from the 1970s and '80s. "There are so many different approaches. I'm fascinated by the variety of styles and ideas," he says.

The videos feature lots of looping bits, resulting in mesmerising and hypnotising patterns. Other covers are much more figurative – including blinking eyes, rotating gears or even some characters. "There is a lot to play with, as a motion designer, and I really enjoy the process," Henning adds.

This latest offering is accompanied by music by Tilman Grundig. You can see more of his animated covers via his Vimeo channel.


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