Berlin studio Langesommer gets a rise out of Cathrin Brandes' new ferminatation cookbook

What do sauerkraut, cheese, yogurt and sourdough bread have in common? They all arise from the fermentation process. Something that food expert Cathrin Brandes explores in her new book Fermentieren, which has been beautifully designed by Berlin's Langesommer.

Founded in 2012 by Christine Lange and Patrick Marc Sommer, the studio focuses on publications and visual identities with a particular emphasis on typography. For this particular project, the duo crafted the identity and editorial design. With text and styling by Cathrin Brandes and photography by Florian Bolk, Fermentieren is everything you'd come to expect from one of the world's leading food experts.

As explained by Langesommer: "Fermenting is quite simple, works in the kitchen at home and without much equipment. The author Cathrin Brandes shows in this book step by step how to do it and how even better products are made of good ingredients. The old kitchen technique of fermenting is not only useful to preserve foods: A diet with fermented food is especially popular for a healthy intestinal flora and therefore a healthier body."

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