Urban Melodies: Photographer layers multiple images to create stunning city artworks

In his series Urban Melodies, Italian photographer Alessio Trerotoli superimposes hundreds of different images to create beautiful city artworks.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

Offering an abstract representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life, he takes photographs of metropolises across the world, including his home city Rome, as well as New York, Paris and Berlin.

He explains: "By juxtaposing different images, my aim is to show an usual image in a different way, where everything is duplicated, the lights and the structures multiply and build a new vision of urban life."

After graduating from art and cinema school in 2009, Trerotoli travelled around the United States and Europe, taking pictures and capturing memories, as well as building an impressive portfolio. It was during this time that he captured these images, which you see layered on top of one another in this beautiful series.

Since his first exhibition in 2010, he has won numerous awards and even published a book, Fuori Dalla Caverna, which features stories and photographs about his travels. Make sure you check out his website at www.alessiotrerotoli.it and follow him on Instagram.


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