Artist Siv Storøy's calming portraits of women that show strength and vulnerability

All artworks courtesy of Siv Storøy, via Creative Boom submission

Norwegian artist Siv Storøy's work is heavily influenced and inspired by stories, myths, legends and fairytales with a mysterious, otherworldly appeal.

Based in Hedmark, Norway, Siv creates art prints, posters and paintings, mostly made by a mixed media-technique, consisting of pencil, ink, watercolour and photography. "Ultimately, I believe that these different angles mixed together sometimes can create a somewhat surprising result," Siv tells Creative Boom. "The unexpected is very exciting and the path is always changing."

Her most recent artwork consists solely of women, portrayed in one way or another. "I find myself always returning to creating female characters, wanting to explore new ways of showing their strength or vulnerability," Siv adds. "The essence of the female archetypes remains a great mystery, and through my artwork, I try to both reveal and maintain that mystery."

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