Artisan wine label designs by Fen Acey craft a narrative through collage and typography

This side project by Fen Acey combines her love of food and drink packaging with collage and elegant typography to create beautiful and original artisan wine label designs.

Fen Acey is a freelance graphic designer based in the North East of England with a passion for the food and drinks industry. Her self-initiated project Graphia (which means "to write" in Greek) features a collection of artisan wine label designs inspired by her love for typography and printmaking.

The designs combine the artistic elements of handmade collages, typography and silkscreen prints to create a visually striking and unique label series with subtle hints that pay homage to the typographic world.

"The handmade collages serve as the foundation to this wine label design," Fen explains. "The collage includes the composition of various materials, such as paper, photographs and found objects that combine to create a cohesive visual narrative.

"The presence of hand-cut or torn edges, unevenly applied adhesive and subtle irregularities add a sense of craftsmanship, authenticity and uniqueness to each label. These imperfections further enhance the tactile and artistic qualities of the overall design whilst evoking a sense of creativity through each contrasting element."

Typography played a crucial role in the creation process, bridging the handmade collage elements and the necessary textual information. The careful selection of typefaces, styles and arrangements ensures that the typography harmonises with the overall aesthetic while maintaining legibility.

Use of black and white

The designs are in monochrome, and that's no accident, explains Fen. "The strict use of black and white is a classic colour combination often used in printmaking," she says. "The black and white colour palette creates a sense of simplicity and elegance but also allows the typographic collage to be the focal point of the label."

While inspired by typography and traditional printmaking techniques, the wine label design also incorporates modern design sensibilities to ensure its relevance in today's market. The fusion of traditional printmaking techniques mixed with contemporary typefaces establishes a balance between tradition and innovation, appealing to both traditional wine enthusiasts and younger, design-conscious audiences.

Having studied at Norwich University of the Arts with a degree in Design for Publishing and graduating in 2015, Fen has spent the last eight years in a mix of design jobs. After a year of living in Wellington, New Zealand, she moved back to the UK due to the 2020 pandemic. She then swapped the South East of England for the North East to experience more of an outdoor lifestyle. "I have Northumberland, The Lake District and Scotland on my doorstep, which is a breath of fresh air for design inspiration," she explains.

"My passion for design lies in the food and drinks industry, particularly with branding and packaging design," she adds. "When I'm not designing, I spend much time outdoors walking my dogs and playing with film photography."


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