Pack Yer Bags: Yorkshire Tea brews up the biggest dancefloor banger of the summer

As any serious tea drinker will tell you, no holiday luggage is complete without a safely packed box of teabags. You can't take any risks; your destination is unlikely to offer a "proper brew". Cue Yorkshire Tea's new ad that smashes all the usual cliches of a local lad's first Ibiza trip.

The campaign by Lucky Generals for Yorkshire Tea focuses on a young holidaymaker from Yorkshire who wants to go and do Ibiza "proper" through writing and producing a proper summer dancefloor banger. Released alongside a brilliant new music video, Pack Yer Bags taps into the big trend of people taking Yorkshire Tea on holiday so they can get a proper cuppa abroad.

Written by Lucky Generals and composed and produced by Ninja Tune, the song and accompanying music video – directed by Fred Rowson – hilariously and skillfully takes all the tropes and cliches of a classic first holiday with your mates and flips them on their heads to be all about Yorkshire Tea instead. "Shades; leave it, no room. Tea; pack it pack it pack it pack it," sings the star. "Let's get lightly caffeinated!"

Or how about, "Sambuca shot. Tequila shot. Rather have a Yorkshire tea in a teapot". Or even "Cabin crew to doors for arrival, the local time is tea time". There's even a massive shout-out to Lorraine Kelly, although it's not clear why.

Launched today, the campaign is supported by paid media (via GoodStuff) and will searchable on Spotify. "We believe a proper brew makes a proper difference, and no more so than when you're on your hols," says Carly Murphy from Yorkshire Tea. "Our latest tea song is a celebration of tea, the passion, and the lengths that people go to for a decent brew, wherever they might be."

Nick Bird and Lee Smith, creative directors at Lucky Generals, said: “We've all been there; parched in Pathos, mouth like a sundried flip-flop, with an inferior hotel teabag mocking you from next to the mini kettle. We're hoping that Pack Yer Bags helps put an end to that awful predicament and becomes a mantra that every holidaymaker takes with them wherever they go this summer."


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