An artistic journey of Modernism and Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes isn't necessarily a place you'd automatically associate with creativity, but artist Leonie Lachlan is proving that the most beautiful things can come from the most unexpected places.

Her new book Meeting Point is a photobook and screen print “celebration of coloured planes and spatial dimensions” that draws from the Colour Library at London’s Royal College of Art, where Lachlan just completed her MA.

She explains: “The book follows a journey though Milton Keynes where screen prints encounter the street furniture and architecture of the new city.” The form and arrangement of the city, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday, made an impression on the artist’s early years.

Her reinterpretations of the city through print and photography create abstract and eye-popping new imagery, forming the 28-page book. Pages are bound back to back so that when opened they lie flat. A slipcase for the book made at The Fine Book Bindery by Maurice Edwards was designed and printed by Lachlan at The Royal College of Art.

Meeting Point draws on Lachlan's previous city-based art projects – notably her City Cypher series of books, which she created by first drawing from the highest point she could find in cities around the world.

Architect, designer and artist Sam Jacob – whose Venice Biennale 2014 piece A Clockwork Jerusalem partly inspired Meeting Point – penned the foreword to the book. He says: “Leonie’s work draws on Milton Keynes’ geometrical wedding. Pieces of abstract geometries and flat colour seem to have escaped the frame of modernist painting into the city."

Meeting Point will be available to view and by at the Exhibit London gallery from 29 November throughout December 2017.


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