American Fantasy: Franck Bohbot captures Christmas in Brooklyn's Dyker Heights

Christmas might be over for another year, but when photographer Franck Bohbot – the king of capturing kitsch – released his latest project, American Fantasy, depicting the dazzling homes of Brooklyn's Dyker Heights, we just couldn’t resist.

All images copyright and courtesy of Franck Bohbot

All images copyright and courtesy of Franck Bohbot

Ordinarily a quiet residential neighbourhood, the Brooklyn suburb is filled with both mansions and more modest builds. For 11 months of the year, all is calm. However, come December, the community truly goes to town on its lights and props.

After hearing about this annual tradition, Franck decided to see the spectacle for himself. His artist statement by Kelly Richman reads: "Initially surprised to find such a sight in New York City, Bohbot was eventually struck by the artificiality of it; simultaneously a scene of beauty and one of neighbourly competition, Bohbot viewed the suburban spectacle as a representation of the fabricated fantasy that is so often found in the American way of life. Mesmerised by the pomp of oversized wreaths and the irony of plastic nativity scenes, he decided to photograph such a display."

And so, armed with a camera he returned to the site to capture each house. The resulting photographs are simply mesmerising. Discover more at

Via Behance | All images copyright of Franck Bohbot


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