Amber Vittoria's bright and bold artworks that focus on femininity and the female form

Focused on femininity and the female form, Amber Vittoria's vibrant artworks leverage physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs, and rounded features.

They use bright colours, organic shapes, and bold lines to depict women from a woman's perspective. "My drawings are a combination of digital and hand-drawn ink," Amber tells Creative Boom. "The large fields of colour are created on the computer, printed, and then the details are applied by hand with a Prismacolor brush pen. My paintings are done in acrylic with paint pens on smooth surfaces such as paper or primed board."

What inspires her? "The women in my life, the women I pass by, and the women I read about."

Based in New York City, Amber has collaborated with brands such as K-Swiss, Gucci, The New York Times, and Instagram. Amber's latest illustration is for Man Repeller. Working with art director Emily Zirimis, the brief was to illustrate two figures cuddling for an editorial piece on human relations. "With Man Repeller, the expectations are open-ended, which is incredible. We usually create a drawing and start with sketches, then I'll send over the digital base-colour as a work in progress, then the final version with the hand-drawn ink!"

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