A Bridge with a View: an honest and unfiltered tribute to London's Tower Bridge

Taking a bridge with a special view, artist Melissa Scott-Miller explains how she's celebrating the UK capital with a unique work of art.

Offering one of the most iconic views of London, 42 metres above the River Thames, London's Tower Bridge has been a huge inspiration for artists throughout its 128 years.

From contemporary photographer Martin Parr, back through to painter William Lionel Wyllie, who captured the Bridge on its opening day in 1894, each affords a snapshot of the changing face of the capital, where the modern and historic sit side by side.

Now, as a tribute to the city's resilience and vibrancy, Tower Bridge has commissioned Melissa Scott-Miller to create a unique work of art. A Bridge with A View sees Melissa take up residence on the Walkways until the end of August, allowing visitors a glimpse into the progress of her painting and a chance to experience the famous panoramic view through the eyes of an artist.

Visitors to the Bridge will also have the chance to participate in a series of creative workshops and activities for families throughout the summer months. And the final artwork will be sold via auction to help raise funds for a charity that benefits Tower Bridge's local community.

A specialist in urban landscapes, award-winning artist Melissa was born in London in 1959 and lives in Islington. She comes from a family of artists and, in 1977, started her studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, part of University College London (UCL).

Over the past 30 years, her paintings have been shown in many group exhibitions in galleries such as Mark Jason Gallery, the Mall Galleries and, on 17 occasions, at Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. A seasoned artist, she is also a tutor, teaching at the Royal Drawing School and Heatherley School of Art.

Her awards include the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Scholarship, the Lucy Morrison Memorial Prize at the Royal Over-Seas League, Leighton House's Lord Leighton Prize, and second place at the South Bank Picture Show.

Inspired by the city where she has lived and worked throughout her life, she is fascinated by the light, pattern and texture found on the bricks and slates of London's distinctive mix of architecture. In her work, Melissa strives to capture the emotional attachment she feels to the capital's streets, aiming to showcase the city with an honest and unfiltered approach.

"I have been painting or drawing London most of my life," says Melissa. "I love trying to capture the colours and textures of the city streets and the different lights and weather conditions.

"Painting from Tower Bridge is a fantastic opportunity to tie in both the old and the new architecture and to observe the changing skies and how they reflect on the river, as well as the different kinds of busy life on the river and along the riverbanks. And to see so many landmarks in one view is quite unique!"

"I can't think of a more fitting tribute to not only London's defining landmark but the ever-changing landscape of the capital on view from our famous West Walkway," says Chris Earlie, director of Tower Bridge. "Not only celebrating our vibrant capital but also giving back to our community, via the final charity auction of the work.".

For information on all forthcoming A Bridge with A View events, visit this website.


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