3D Printed Nike Art Collaboration

Check out this recent collaboration between Modla, a 3D printing design studio, and Damilola Odusote, a London-based 2D artist. The work is a conceptual 3D sculpture based on the influences and inspiration of the Nike Air Force 1 sneaker.

Modla owner, Jon Fidler, met with Damilola to discuss ideas, then Damilola produced the concept in a 2D sketch (see below), before Jon recreated his own 3D interpretation using highly specialist 3D software. The piece was then 3D printed in high quality SLS nylon plastic.

Richard Goddard from Modla said" "With Damilola creating sneaker-inspired artwork in the past, and off the back of our work for Nike’s Lunarlon range with Rosie Lee, we decided to explore the possibilities of creating a 3D sculpture based on the influences and history of the Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. After our initial concept ideas, Damilola went away to produce an incredibly detailed 2D piece in black pen, before Jon went to work his 3D magic in bringing it out of the page."

This piece is an artistic interpretation and not officially associated with Nike Inc. in any way.


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