Charity collaborates with street artists to help homeless kids get off the street

Depaul UK, the youth homelessness charity, has enlisted a group of graffiti artists to create street art that tells young peoples’ stories, with the aim of helping them off the streets. The collaboration is part of a campaign for the charity by Publicis called “Don’t Let Their Stories End on The Streets”.

Each artwork appears as a mural situated in Dalston and Shoreditch in East London. Young homeless people were interviewed and their real life stories were used to inspire the artists. Each artwork gives an insight into the factors that led to a young homeless person’s current situation.

As well as the physical street art, the campaign involves a ‘digital wall’ featuring the artworks at the dedicated website You can get involved by visiting the site and buying a section of the digital wall, which will result in that part of the digital wall getting ‘cleaned’. This symbolises the fact that by donating, people are helping to remove a part of a homeless person’s story from the street.

Visitors who buy a section of the digital wall will also receive a limited edition screen-print of the artwork signed by the artist who created it. Artists involved include Ben Slow, David Shillnglaw, Best Ever, Josh Jeavons and Jim McElvany. All of them donated their time for free for the campaign.


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