The Cyclist's Empire is the latest from 100copies

100copies is the brainchild of Singapore creative director Thomas Yang. An avid cyclist, he decided to combine two of his greatest passions – bicycles and art and turn them into 100copies.

All of the products you see on his website are original designs created by him and are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies. Each piece of work is watermarked and labelled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.

The Cyclist's Empire is the latest print to come out of 100copies. Yang used seven different kinds of bicycle tracks that were rolled onto paper to mimic the structure of the Empire State Building. If you were hoping to grab a print, you're too late. The artwork has sold out. But now you know about 100copies, you can keep an eye on future prints to add to your collection.


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