Take a dip into POOLS, a seductive new book featuring iconic works by Martin Parr, Solve Sundsbo, and more

If you want to imagine life at the swimming pool right now, and boy we'd give anything to enjoy a refreshing dip, then this new photobook full of beautiful images might satisfy that urge.

All images courtesy of B.A.M.

All images courtesy of B.A.M.

Designed by London studio B.A.M., published by Rizzoli and written by Lou Stoppard, POOLS is seductive, glamorous and fun, full of bold typography and wrapped up with a blue translucent jacket, as you'd expect. Featuring the work of Martin Parr, Solve Sundsbo, Alasdair McLellan and Romain Laprade, to name a few, it takes a closer look at everything swimming pools have come to represent: symbols of both sport and leisure, and conjuring images of beautiful bikinis, glimmering blue waters and hot summer days.

The book is divided into themed chapters, some are literal and some more evocative, for example, there's Escape, Glamour and Architecture – ok, we can picture what those will be about. But there's also Coming of Age, Movement and Sex. You've got our attention. And if that wasn't enough to evoke some serious FOMO, there's even a section at the back revealing a 'Pool Guide' of the best swimming pools in the world. You know, places we can visit when this lockdown is over and we've got money in the bank again.

There are various texts throughout including words by Solve Sundsbo, Susie Parr and Alice Hawkins. The foreword is written by Leanne Shapton and reads: "A pool. Look at it. It's a smooth, contained and containing body of water, a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of paper, a zero-gravity ride of a sort. Depending on your intent or desire (workout or dip), it can be a locus of pain or pleasure."


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