Children's stories brought to life in colourful new book designed by Fieldwork

Manchester studio Fieldwork has created a new book based on the delightful, often "bonkers" children's stories told through storytelling platform, Fabled.

Having designed and built the website, which allows youngsters to craft their own stories online, Andy Gott and Loz Ives worked closely once again with Fabled's founder, Laura Hamm, to transform the app into print. The book follows a successful Kickstarter campaign last July when it attracted over 20 per cent more funding than its goal.

With a minimal design, the concept is simple and allows the children's stories to breathe. "We had to resist a natural urge to complicate and get distracted by the endless other things that a book like this might be able to do," says Fieldwork Co-Founder, Andy Gott. "The concept is simple and celebrates the awe-inspiring stories that young children tell every day."

Illustrations were produced collaboratively by Loz Ives and Manchester designer and illustrator, Jane Bowyer. Loz says: "This was unlike any other illustration brief we’d had before – the subject matter was sometimes completely bonkers, and lots of fun to work with."

Jane Bowyer adds: "Working with Loz took me back to a time when I use to do a lot more drawing by hand so I saw glimpses of my old style coming through. I feel like we both learned new ways of working by working together."

To find out more about Fabled's The Future is Make Believe, visit or check out the Kickstarter campaign for information on the book's release.