Formworks: Graphic prints explore boundless relationship between geometry, 3D design and colour play

If, like me, you are seriously short on wall space, due to an uncontrollable compulsion to order art online, then firstly, I feel your pain – the struggle is real – and secondly, I'm afraid the latest series of graphic prints by Formworks Studio is about to make your situation even worse.

The studio, based in Cardiff, Wales, creates limited edition graphic art pieces that challenge our sense of perception, depth and space, by exploring the boundless relationship of bold geometry, three-dimensional design and colour play. With each artwork only ever being produced 20 times, the impending sense of a quick purchase grows ever stronger.

Founded by Jon Llewelyn in 2016, Formworks is an amalgamation of his 20 years of experience in graphic design, with inspiration drawn from the bold and geometric styles found in contemporary architecture, furniture and graphic art.

Of the studio, Jon says: "Strongly committed to the originality and exclusivity of our artwork, each piece is uniquely signed and numbered, and will only ever be part of a limited collection of 20 editions.

"On completion of the sale of the 20th edition, artwork is archived and never again produced. Our short run process generates rare and collectable pieces, each sold with a certificate of authenticity from Formworks Studio."

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